• The Marijuana Majority

    Florida is scheduled to vote on the legalization of medical marijuana in this fall’s midterm election. Democrats see it as a chance to bring young voters to the polls in the Republican-led state. Meanwhile, ganjapreneurs count their potential profits.

    WORDS BY Katrine Dermody // ART BY Katrine Dermody

  • Hiding In Plain Site

    Misunderstood as a dark bastion for drug lords and hit men, the Deep Web comprises the majority of the Internet — a vast digital landscape of databases, social-media repositories, and personalized content where users can unearth government reports, scour academic research, and build an itinerary for their next trip abroad.

    WORDS BY Antoinette Siu // ART BY Miriam Taylor

  • Take Back the Land

    It’s not just about the food. Across the country, urban farmers reclaim abandoned property and rejuvenate communities.

    WORDS BY Cameron Young // ART BY Cameron Young

  • #TrustIssues

    How catfish culture jaded a generation about connecting online.

    WORDS BY Ashley Branch // ART BY Miriam Taylor

  • Holding Up Brooklyn

    Noy Keomeuangsong reinvents a staple of grandpa chic and makes suspenders cool for women.

    WORDS BY Adam Matula // ART BY Vekonda Luangaphay & Adam Matula

Bellwethr Magazine


Music, Mountains, and Maple Syrup

Beside the waters of Lake Champlain, Burlington, Vt., offers sustainable stays, farm-to-table eats, and a vibrant music scene.

WORDS BY Katrine Dermody // ART BY Katrine Dermody

Tucked away in Vermont’s northwest corner, Burlington has a population of approximately 42,000. And while this city would be considered small in almost any other state, it’s Vermont’s largest, which is part of its charm. From its teeming farmer’s markets and cozy bed and breakfasts to the city’s many farm-to-table restaurants and vibrant music scene, Burlington offers visitors a rustic but refined spot to kick back, relax, and explore.


  • Paradise Pictured

    WORDS BY Ashley Branch

    The newest trend in travel, selfie hotels, encourages everyone to snap a great vacation.

  • 7 Best Millennial Suburbs

    WORDS BY Lauren Boudreau

    On the quest for cheap rent and cultural diversity, 20-somethings are reinventing the burbs. Here are seven of the nation’s finest.

  • ‘Wethr Report

    WORDS BY Chris Landers

    What to read, watch, and listen to now.


  • The Burrito Brothers


    Berkeley, Calif., natives Oliver and Leo Kremer moved to New York City to become the guiding light for kids in need of a good burrito. In 2009, Oliver and Leo opened their first Dos Toros Taqueria near Union Square.


  • Let’s Get Fiscal


    Sophia Bera, a Minnesota-based financial planner and millennial, specializes in managing our generation’s funds — millennials make up 75 percent of her clientele.


  • She’s the Boss


    Emilie Aries is the founder of Bossed Up, an organization focused on empowering women to achieve their individual lifestyle and career goals via weekend seminars called “Bootcamp.”


  • Baby of the House


    When he won his election to Congress in 2012 from Florida’s 18th congressional district, Patrick Murphy, a certified public accountant and vice president of his family’s construction business, became the youngest member of the House.


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