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Applify Your Life

Save money, help those in need, and get more sleep with these 10 free apps available on iOS and Android.

WORDS BY Rong Lin // ART BY Colleen Lowery


1. Yerdle

Download Yerdle and collect 250 free credits. Then “sell” your old stuff for more credits and “spend” those credits on something you need, like a blender or a lamp. Yerdle lets you save money, get household necessities, and save the planet without ever opening your wallet.

2. Tock

Phones down. Drinks up. Set a pre-determined amount of time, invite someone to “tock,” and whoever doesn’t unlock their phone before the time is up wins points that can be used for discounts at your favorite bar or restaurant.

3. Square Order

From the people who brought us the Square Card Reader comes an app that lets you order, pay, and skip the line at some of your favorite local restaurants. Think Seamless or GrubHub — only from a company you already trust with your credit card.

4. SleepBot

Start tracking your sleep patterns by opening the app, placing your phone on your bed, and lying down. The app analyzes your sleep movement and wakes you during your lightest sleep phase in the morning so you wake up feeling rested. It can also track your sleep quality over time and show you what factors affect it.

5. Pushbullet

Get your phone, tablet, and computer to work together with this app. App developer Robert J. Podfigurny says, “I often use it to send links to my phone to text and share or just view on my phone later.”



1. iRecycle

Don’t throw out that milk carton just yet. This app tells you how, where, and when you can recycle over 350 materials while connecting you with other recycling enthusiasts through social media and email.

2. Charity Miles

Get fit while helping someone else in need. This app turns your workout into donations. Bikers earn 10 cents per mile while walkers and runners earn 25 cents per mile. The app monitors the distance and donates the amount you earn to a charity.

3. Team Red Cross: Volunteer App

When the next Hurricane Sandy or devastating tornado hits, be ahead of the game and find ways to help those in need with just a few phone taps. The app provides a list of volunteer opportunities in your area, allows you to begin the orientation process, and helps you share information via social media.

4. GoodGuide

This app helps you find safe, healthy, green, and ethical products by scanning the barcode of the item. Be socially responsible while shopping and know a product’s health risks and environmental impact.

5. Donate a Photo

Put your selfies to work.For every photo you share with this app, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to a cause of your choice.

Some sweet apps you must download - and our Bellwethr bookmark icon!
Some sweet apps you must download - and our Bellwethr bookmark icon!


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