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How To Call It Quits

Career coach and business consultant Lisa Quast shares her top five tips for leaving a job without burning bridges.

WORDS BY Ally Balcerzak // ART BY Vekonda Luangaphay

1. Zip It Up. Once you get a new job, sign the paperwork before quitting your current one. “Make sure everything is finalized,” Quast says.

2. Dear Job. Write a resignation letter that includes your final work date and a bit of gratitude to your employer for the experience. “If you feel a need to share why you’re leaving,” Quast says,“have a confidential discussion with your manager or discuss this during your exit interview.”

3. Breaking News. Tell mentors and important contacts in person that you’re leaving. “If you’re close to someone, let him or her know you’re leaving during a scheduled coffee chat or lunch outside of the office,” Quast says.

4. Question Everything. Ask yourself: What am I doing right now? Gather notes and share them with your co-workers. “It helps to ensure a smooth transition of your job responsibilities so your manager isn’t left with a workload burden,” Quast says.

5. Leave Strong. “You never know when you’ll need a recommendation from your previous manager,” Quast says. “It’s always best to leave them with a positive feeling about your work ethic, quality of work, and attitude.”

We've all fantasized about sticking it to a terrible boss on the way out the door, leaving a bad job with a wink and a flying middle finger. And while we recommend quitting with class, here are seven people who quit epically. PRODUCED BY VEKONDA LUANGAPHAY.


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